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IsaLean Bars
Power your way through the day.

When you’re on the go, grab this delicious, convenient, nutritionally-complete meal replacement bar that will reduce
cravings and keep you satisfied for hours! Our Lemon Passion Crunch and Chocolate Decadence contain the same
nutritional profile as our two other bars. We have also improved the taste and texture of our Chocolate Cream Crisp
and Chocolate Peanut Crunch Bars. Two new flavors. Four amazing products.

Why replace a high-calorie meal with an IsaLean® Bar?

Packed with premium undenatured whey protein, healthy fats and energy-boosting carbohydrates
Low calorie with no trans fats
Superior amino acid profile and lower lactose levels for easier digestion
Great as a part of your Total Health and Wellness or Cleansing and Fat Burning Systems to maximize weight loss
while safely lowering caloric intake
Complete nutrition for kids and adults
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“The new bars are to live for!”
- Jimmy S., No. 1 Income Earner and 9 Star Golden Circle,

“I love the new bars. They’re the most delicious tasting
bars yet!”
- Shiva B., 1 Star Silver Circle, California

“New bars taste great. They seriously taste like a candy bar
and if they’re healthy for you and taste like that, then it’s
- Derek M., Associate, Utah

“They’re like Snickers candy bars!”
- Bill A., 1 Star Silver Circle, California

“The new bars have a nice texture, soft, crunchy and a
good flavor.”
- Mint, Star Consultant, California

IsaLean® Bars save my life every time I’m caught on an
airplane or am unable to eat a healthy meal on the run!
- Alicia P., Colorado

IsaLean® Bars are my “M&M” snack – I cut a bar into
pieces and enjoy one morsel at a time. Just cut the bar
lengthwise in the pieces and then into cubes. These
satisfy me better than a calorie-laden candy bar and keep
my energy levels high.
- Pam F., Oklahoma

At lunch time during the week I go to the gym to work out so
when I get back to my office I like to have a meal
replacement bar. I know I am having a balanced meal with
IsaLean® Bars and it makes me feel good about myself.
- Anna M., Texas

I like to chop up IsaLean® Bars and mix them with
chopped up SlimCakes® and organic raw almonds for an
awesome trail mix that fills me up between meals.
- Rick R., California

IsaLean® Bars are delicious. I will never buy another
energy bar again!
- Rose M., California

My kids are hooked on IsaLean® Bars! We buy five boxes a
month. Thank you Isagenix for giving my three very active
boys something else to snack on!
- Maria L., New York

I used to be addicted to sweets. I had an IsaLean® Bar
before a church Halloween party and was tempted by one
table of cake. But, I felt so satisfied from the IsaLean® Bar
that I didn’t have a bite and didn’t feel deprived.
- Sherrie H., Illinois
What makes IsaLean Bars unique?
IsaLean Bars contain a high-quality whey protein from New Zealand,
where the cows are pasture-fed and not treated with hormones or
antibiotics. The protein is extracted from the milk using an exclusive,
proprietary technology. Isagenix® has sole access to this exclusive
manufacturing process; no other company in the world can mimic
what we have done in order to produce our whey protein concentrate.
Using this proprietary technology, IsaLean Bars contain lower lactose
levels and a higher amino acid profile.

Why are IsaLean Bars so important for the body?
IsaLean Bars provide balanced nutrients to maximize nutrition while
minimizing calorie intake for safe weight loss. IsaLean Bars contain
superior nutrition compared to other meal alternative bars on the

Can children eat IsaLean Bars?
Yes, adults and children alike can benefit from the exceptional
nutritional profile in IsaLean Bars. They taste great and can be used
as a total meal replacement or a great healthy snack.

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